John Anderson Lecture – Fall 2014

IMG_1138 John Anderson croppedWed, Dec 3     Noon-1:00pm
John Anderson
Academic Director
Shell Center for Sustainability
W. Maurice Ewing Professor of Oceanography
Rice University
Dr. Anderson will discuss Accelerated Sea Level Rise and Impact on the Louisiana and Texas Coasts. His current research interests are (1) the recent retreat history of the Antarctic Ice Sheet and controls on ice sheet stability as it relates to sea level rise, and (2) the evolution of the Gulf Coast and response of coastal environments to climate change. He has participated in 24 scientific expeditions to Antarctica and has authored and co-authored over 230 peer-reviewed publications, edited 5 volumes, and published 2 books, Antarctic Marine Geology and Formation and Future of the Upper Texas Coast. His awards include Outstanding Educator of the Gulf Coast Geological Society and the 2007 Shepard Medal of the Society for Sedimentary Research. He earned his PhD from Florida State University.

Click here to listen to John Anderson’s full lecture.

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