CSS in the News – Moving the Mouth of the Mississippi River

September 15, 2015

The CSS was recently featured in The New Orleans Advocate in an article by Bob Marshall that discussed the winning designs of the Changing Course competition.  From more than 20 teams that entered the competition, three teams were selected to develop designs for the Lower Mississippi River that could ensure the presence of sustainable coastal wetlands into the next century while also maintaining or improving river commerce and flood protection.  Those three teams, Moffatt and Nichol – West 8 – LSU-CSS team, the Baird and Associates team, and the Studio Misi-Ziibi team were announced as winners in August of 2015.

The article, “Moving mouth of Mississippi River among startling suggestions for Louisiana” highlights similarities among the three teams’ designs, including moving the mouth of the Mississippi River to facilitate land building using sediments from the river, reduce the threat of river flooding to the greater New Orleans region, and provide a shorter journey for ships traveling to ports along the lower river.

Jeff Carney, Director of the CSS, and members of the other winning teams are quoted, discussing why these recommended  changes need to be taken seriously by public officials to secure the future of the coast.

(Photo by John McCusker)

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