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CSS Projects presented at Harvard Graduate School of Design Symposium

Last week Jeff Carney, Kristi Cheramie, and Bradley Cantrell traveled to Cambridge to present research related to the Louisiana Gulf Coast. Together with Dan Ethridge, Jonathan Tate, and Ann Yoachim from Tulane, the group presented a diverse but interconnected series of visions for the Gulf Coast. Jeff started the conversation with a talk titled, “Behind the Changing Coast: The Mega-Region and the Masterplan”. The talk looked at the Gulf region from the distinctive thematic lenses established by the megaregion and the masterplan. Kristi Cheramie followed with a talk that brought the focus to the human scale of change. Her presentation titled, “Reconciliations from Post Eden: Dismantling the Monster with Objects and Infrastructure” considered the disconnection from the coast felt by many residents who live just on the other side of a levee. Kristi’s work chronicles a longing for the coast through a collection and analysis of objects and coastal memory of residents. Brad Cantrell followed with a talk titled, “Mapping Ecological Change through a Conditional Preservation” about the CSS project that he and Professor Emery-McClure recently completed on Fort Proctor. The talk examined the method and vision that the team developed to document historic structures in a changing landscape.

The entirety of the talk can be viewed on the video.

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