Proposed LSU Delta Research Minor in Development


The CSS is leading the effort to develop the LSU undergraduate Delta Research Minor, a new multidisciplinary program of study representing courses and instruction from the LSU School of the beach surveryCoast & Environment, College of Engineering, and College of Art & Design.

Students attending LSU are studying within the living laboratory of the Mississippi delta and Louisiana coast, one of the most distinctive, complex, and culturally rich environments in the nation. Built around a collaborative, “design thinking” methodology, this program will focus on coastal issues and distinct but interrelated components:

  • Coastal Systems Ecology + Ecosystem Design (OCS 2050)
  • Field Methods in the Louisiana Landscape (ENGR 3050)
  • Integrated Design Thinking (ARCH 4444)
  • Project Development Seminar + Symposium in Coastal Sustainability (Independent Study)
  • Faculty-Mentored Final Research Project (Independent Study)
  • Professional Internship

The proposed program will begin in Spring 2016, kicking off with the Coastal Systems Ecology + Ecosystem Design course.  To successfully complete the program, the courses must be taken in sequential order.


Project Goals + Broader Impacts

LSU Math Learning LabThe Delta Research Minor introduces methods and skills that prepares undergraduate students to excel in a number of chosen fields and provide them with training in applied research, effective communication, and problem solving.  Graduates of the Delta Research Minor will be uniquely prepared for the emergent challenges facing coastal Louisiana and similarly vulnerable coasts worldwide.

The program will also:

  • Promote distinctive learning
  • Promote research experience in science, engineering, and the liberal arts
  • Foster new levels of student engagement and understanding, especially through active learning and collaborative curriculum development
  • Expand interdisciplinary activities in balance with needs of each discipline
  • Incorporate research activities into the curriculum and raise the bar of expectations regarding publications and presentations by undergraduates
  • Enhance science and technology literacy for students in all disciplines
  • Develop new ways to stimulate critical thinking and other core competencies of a liberal arts education                                         




Program Leads

  • Sam Bentley
  • Jeff Carney
  • Randy Duran
  • Clint Willson
  • Vince Wilson


LSU Partners

  • Coastal Sustainability Studio
  • Coastal Studies Institute
  • School of the Coast & Environment
  • College of Art + Design
  • College of Engineering
  • Office of Research and Economic Development


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