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CSS Presentations at the State of the Coast Conference

June 1-3 in New Orleans, Louisiana, the CSS will be presenting several talks at the State of the Coast (SOC) Conference. The Conference is the “largest state-wide conference of its kind providing an interdisciplinary forum to exchange timely and relevant information on the dynamic conditions of Louisiana’s coastal communities, environment, and economy”.

Our presenters represent many of the leading experts that will be at the conference, which will include more than 1,000 scientists, landowners and managers, federal and state agency personnel, local officials, industry and business leaders, resource users, and interested citizens.

Additional information can be found at the State of the Coast website (, along with online registration.

Below is a list of the CSS related talks featured at the conference:

Wed June 1, 2:00pm
Session: Physical Modeling and River Studies
“The New and Improved (and Expanded) Small Scale Physical Model of the Lowermost Mississippi River: Similitude and Modeling”
Clint Willson

Wed June 1, 2:25pm
Session: Physical Modeling and River Studies
“Shifting Foundations: Exhibit Design for the Center for River Studies”
Jeff Carney

Thurs June 2, 3:35pm
Session: Changing Course: Navigating the Future of the Lower Mississippi River
“The Moffatt & Nichol Team Solution: The Giving Delta: A ‘Systems Approach’ to a Consolidated and Sustainable Lower Mississippi River Delta”
Jonathan Hird, Moffatt & Nichol (CSS partner)

Fri June 3, 11:05am
Session: Educational Innovations for Coastal Restoration in Louisiana
“Louisiana Discovery, Integration, and Application Program (LaDIA): Focus on Science Communication to Innovate Outreach of University Research to Coastal Communities”
Robert Twilley

Fri June 3, 11:30am
Session: Developing Partnerships for Resilience
“Developing Resilience and Protection Strategies for Coastal Decision-Makers”
Traci Birch

Fri June 3, 11:55am
Session: Educational Innovations for Coastal Restoration in Louisiana
“Watch the Delta Grow: Combining Scientific Research and Outreach Efforts Focused on the Wax Lake Delta to Create Science-Based Educational Programs”
Leanna Heffner

Fri June 3, 11:55am
Session: Responses to a Risky Landscape
“Inhabiting Risk: Insuranceable Alternatives for a Changing Environment”
Liz Williams

Fri June 3, 1:35pm
Session: Methods of Community Engagement
“Visualizing Coastal Landscape Dynamics: An Overview of the LSU Coastal Sustainability Studio’s Visual Communication Program”
Jacob Mitchell

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