New Project Fund

Through the CSS New Project Fund, faculty can receive financial support to develop and present early stage and proof of concept ideas, taking their research to the next level with groups such as NSF or National Academies.

Louisiana’s coastal communities face tremendous challenges—human, economic, structural, natural, or scientific— many of which are not being solved because the various disciplines alone cannot cope with the magnitude and complexity of the problems. The CSS Project Fund provides a means of supporting projects that envision solutions to coastal issues through collaboration among a variety of academic perspectives.

Project teams must be composed of a minimum of 3 individuals based at LSU, all representing different academic disciplines/departments. The team must be led by a full-time LSU faculty member. Other team members may be adjunct faculty, staff, researchers, fellows, or graduate students. All disciplines may apply. Teams that include a member in design (architecture, landscape design, urban planning), engineering, or coastal sciences are particularly encouraged.

In recent years, the new project fund has been used to support educational opportunities and faculty research at Louisiana State University. Professors have leveraged these funds to pay for things like field trips, guest speakers, publication costs, and competition entry fees.

Projects must include:

  • An outreach and engagement component and present results in a visual format that will be easily understood by the layperson.
  • Specific outcomes: a white paper, page on the CSS website, public presentation at project completion, and any other outcome suitable to the project type.
  • Teams will also provide informal quarterly updates to the CSS Executive Committee and other CSS Project Fund teams for peer review.

Mary Bergeron
Assistant Director