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Fort Proctor . Small Projects Team

Fort Proctor is a United States military fort built in 1856 on the edge of Lake Borgne in response to the perceived defensive weakness of New Orleans after the War of 1812. The Fort was never fully realized and construction ceased in 1859 after a large hurricane and the start...

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Feature, Design

The Lower 9th Ward and bayou Bienvenue: Design Strategies and Scenarios for Change

During the first year of the CSS, our primary project area was the Central Wetlands Unit and the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans. Hurricane Katrina’s disproportionate toll on the Lower 9th Ward was directly related to the pre-existing environmental degradation of the natural environment surrounding New Orleans. The cypress...

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Teaching, Design

2011 Barataria Exchange: Jean Lafitte

Learning from Lafitte takes a trans-disciplinary approach to the examination of relationships between the built, natural and cultural environments of the Jean Lafitte area, 35 minutes south of New Orleans by car, in the Barataria Basin. At the core of the project’s research proposals and studios, run in conjunction with...

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