Advanced Research in Coastal Ecological Design

Project Goals:

Complementing the overarching theme, the course was composed of two major components addressing specific research agendas within the CSS: 1) the development of content for the Expanded Small Scale Physical Model Exhibition Space in the Center for River Studies; 2) continue to research and test methodologies for trans-disciplinary collaboration between science and design fields by addressing the importance and agency of visualization and communication across disciplines.

Project Team:
    • Justine Holzman
    • Rui Dong
    • Hagan Doyle
    • Nan Guo
    • Daniel Hernandez
    • Yiran Jin
    • Xinyui Ling
    • Monisha Palanvelu
    • Benton Williams
    • Jenny Kurz
    • Andrea Galinski
    • Bradley Cantrell
    • CSS Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority Exhibit Design Team
    • Public Lab for Open Technology + Science

The Advanced Research in Coastal Ecological Design Seminar was taught as a collaboration among Landscape Architecture students and the LSU Coastal Sustainability Studio to capitalize on the critical mass forming around local coastal issues and the built environment to take a stance and position on the relationship of design to coastal restoration.

Direct + Broader Impacts:
The studio content directly contributed to the development of a coastal restoration exhibit Center for River Studies, a CSS designed project and a flagship building on the Baton Rouge Water Campus that houses a ten thousand square foot physical model of the Lower Mississippi River Basin engineered to test sediment flows, distribution, and land building.