Earth Blocks: Feasibility Study for Low-Cost Hurricane-Resistant Buildings

Project Goals:

Demonstrate the feasibility of CSEB (Compressed Stabilized Earth Blocks) systems as hurricane-resistant low-cost housing, through the design of a proof-of-concept CSEB house on Louisiana’s coast. This proof-of- concept design includes engineering calculations, architectural drawings, and cost estimates, as well as comparison with a traditionally-built house in the same coastal environment.

Project Team:
    • Michele Barbato Associate Professor of Civil + Environmental Engineering
    • Robert Holton Assistant Professor of Architecture
    • Asho K. Mishra Professor of Agricultural Economics + Agribusiness

The Earth Blocks project is a feasibility study of a new low-cost hurricane-resistant residential construction system from the points of view of structural strength, architectural aesthetics, and economics.

Direct + Broader Impacts:
This project has potential to provide housing opportunities for low-income families residing in hurricane-prone coastal areas. The research results will be disseminated through the CSS website and technical papers, and will form the groundwork for a National Science Foundation proposal.