Environmental Communication for Coastal Louisiana

Project Goals:

The project aims to develop interdisciplinary knowledge of best practices in coastal environmental communication, using research and expertise in environmental psychology, coastal sustainability, community resilience, mass communication, and public relations. It also intends to inform future efforts in strategic environmental communications in Louisiana.

Project Team:
    • Amy Reynolds Associate Dean for Graduate Studies + Research, Manship School of Mass Communication
    • Nina Lam Professor of Environmental Sciences
    • Ashley Berthelot Director, Research Communications
    • Margaret Reams, PhD Professor, Department of Environmental Sciences
      LSU Superfund Research Program
    • Zeynep Altinay
    • Paige Brown

The project involves the development of new interdisciplinary knowledge and approaches to best practices in coastal Louisiana environmental communication. This was achieved through a case study on the communication of global climate change impacts in Louisiana, and the creation of a new Coastal Environmental Communication undergraduate course in the Manship School of Mass Communication at LSU.

Direct + Broader Impacts:
The course allows for communicators better inform policy-makers and engage community members in policies and local efforts to increase resilience and adapt to a changing coastal environment.