Influences on Household and Community-Level Mitigation Efforts and Adaptations to Coastal Hazards in Louisiana

Project Goals:

The research seeks to provide insights into the conditions under which residents and local officials of south Louisiana communities are more likely to implement mitigation and adaptation measures in response to coastal hazards.

Project Team:
    • Margaret Reams, PhD Professor, Department of Environmental Sciences
      LSU Superfund Research Program
    • James Wilkins Professor + Director of Louisiana Sea Grant Legal Program
    • Nina Lam Professor of Environmental Sciences
    • Melissa Daigle Coordinator of Louisiana Sea Grant Legal Program
    • Lauren Land Coordinator, Louisiana Sea Grant Sustainability Program
    • Katie Lea Coordinator, Louisiana Sea Grant Adult Education
    • Zeynep Altinay

Coastal Louisiana is extremely vulnerable to threats from sea level rise, land loss, and intensification of storms. As the risks associated with these hazards intensify, coastal communities will be economically and socially impacted from damage and disruption that result from storms and flooding. The need is urgent to adapt to a changing environment and to mitigate hazards at an individual and community level.

Direct + Broader Impacts:
This project helps to determine how to best deliver technical information to residents of coastal communities, and overall builds the capacity for ongoing, broad-based examinations of coastal resilience.