LSU/Chevron: the Reimagined Shorebase

Project Goals:

The goal of this design investigation is to discover ways for Chevron, its employees, and the environment to successfully and sustainably co-exist in the productive and ever-changing Louisiana environment. The primary point of investigation centered on concerns with coastal sustainability and sea-level rise, and the students were tasked with discovering innovative design resolutions to the conditional challenge. The studio provided the LSU architecture graduate students with a real-world client and condition and created unique learning environments between multi-disciplinary professionals and design students.

Project Team:
    • Ursula Emery McClure Professor of Architecture
    • Tyler Brandis
    • Andre Breton
    • Victor Erwin
    • Amy Gemelli
    • Alyce Howe
    • Dean Kelly
    • Robert Ketner
    • Alex Klingsporn
    • Jaqueline Lamba
    • Ji Liu
    • Brian Lucke
    • Elliot Manuel
    • Matthew McKeever
    • Katie Pitre
    • Yves Tanguy
    • Clint Willson, PhD, PE Mike N. Dooley, P.E. Professor, College of Engineering
      Director, LSU Center for River Studies
    • Moira Crone Author of The Not Yet
    • Mike Jannise LEEVAC Engineering
    • Jose Abadin Chevron Corporation
    • Jason Reppel Chevron
    • Sandi Fury Chevron
    • Turner Burghart Chevron
    • Gregg Jones Chevron
    • Keith Smith Chevron
    • Nathan Taylor Chevron
    • Daniel Loughney Port of Lake Charles
    • Derek Shierloh Port of Lake Charles
    • Darren Guillory Leevac
    • Cory Barkman Leevac
    • Mark Landry Gulfland Structures
    • Corey Guidry Gulfland Structures
    • Nicole Cotton LUMCON
    • Shane Mendel Hercules Offshore
    • Chett Chiasson Port Fourchon
    • Leigh Guidry Port Fourchon
    • Davey Breaux Port Fourchon
    • James Guidry Chouest
    • Blake Guidry Chouest
    • Chevron

In this new graduate architecture design studio course, students in their final semester investigated symbiotic design queries in the unique Louisiana condition, including developing new schematic designs for the Chevron Shorebase in Venice, Louisiana.

Direct + Broader Impacts:
The qualitative measure for this project exists in the observed beneficial relationship established between a corporate client and an educational environment. Chevron’s experts coupled with their need for innovative design thinking provided a unique and challenging learning platform for the graduate students. The students provided the “outside of the box” thinking that Chevron desired would come from such a relationship. The student designs were formatted and entered into national design competition, in addition to dissemination to a corporate client.