The Baker Canal Corridor Project

Project Goals:

The Baker Canal Corridor Project will create a culturally sensitive collaborative that brings environmental projects, entrepreneurship, research and education to communities in a manner that encourages a comprehensive understanding and strategic management of rivers, canals and bayous in service to agricultural lands, wetlands, wooded areas and adjacent neighborhoods.

Project Team:
    • John Day Professor Emeritus of Oceanography + Coastal Sciences
    • Austin Allen
    • Marlin Ford
    • Wes Michaels
    • Ye-Sho Chen

The Baker Canal Corridor is an interdisciplinary water management, mitigation and sustainable planning and design project centered on the Baker Canal from the Comite to the Mississippi Rivers.

Direct + Broader Impacts:
The project includes a comprehensive water systems studio led by Professor Michaels, extensive research and planning and meetings on both a localized and regional scale with impacted communities and institutions, and an integrative approach between the conservation of the Comite River and the naturalization of Baker Canal and the rethinking of the Corridor.