UNSEEN: Interpreting Constructed Ecologies

Project Goals:

The intent of the studio was to research regional planning, coastal ecology, ecological restoration, large-scale water management and infrastructure, and the complex relationships formed between settlement and ecology over time. The course supports contemporary landscape architectural theory for the design and management of large-scale indeterminate and ecologically minded landscapes capable of sustaining the demands of contemporary settlement.

Project Team:
    • Justine Holzman
    • William Baumgardner
    • John Bland
    • Camila Carvalho
    • Dylan Crawford
    • Andrew Kepper
    • Alex Morvant
    • Maria Munoz
    • Grant Murphy
    • Jane Satterlee
    • Kyle Smith
    • Wen Keat Wah
    • James Weldon
    • Robert Twilley, PhD Chairman of the Board & Interim CSS Executive Director
      Executive Director, Louisiana Sea Grant
      Professor, LSU College of the Coast & Environment
    • Andrea Galinski

UNSEEN: Interpreting Constructed Ecologies was a fourth year undergraduate design studio focused on landscape planning and design from regional to site scale situated within coastal Louisiana. The students investigated the coast-wide monitoring system as a critical component for developing a visualization methodology, using the extensive coastal monitoring system as both generator of data and device for interpreting the landscape. The individual devices and the composite monitoring system play a critical role in establishing the science used for determining restoration projects and as a metric for the adaptive management component of Louisiana’s 2012 Coastal Master Plan.

Direct + Broader Impacts:
Students used the data and logic of the monitoring system to design methods for perceiving, interpreting, simulating, and manipulating the landscape through design interventions.