WA | VE: Waterway Information for Vessels Smartphone App

Project Goals:

Develop the technology for commercial fishermen to access various datasets through one viewing platform on their mobile device. Outside of hurricane season the app provides additionally relevant information about waterways to commercial fishermen.

Project Team:
    • Lauren Land Coordinator, Louisiana Sea Grant Sustainability Program
    • Marc Aubanel Director, Digital Media Arts & Engineering
    • Carola Kaiser IT Consultant, Center for Computation and Technology
    • Hal Needham Program Manager, Southern Climate Impacts Planning Program
    • Alexa Andrews Project Manager, Stephenson Disaster Management Institute
    • Daniel Holmes

WAVE is a smartphone app developed by a team of LSU researchers that provides information for fisheries and emergency preparedness to commercial fishermen and other users of the waterway. WAVE enables many publicly available tools and datasets to be accessible to mobile devices for the first time. WAVE provides users with 5-day weather forecasts, 72-hour precipitation forecasts, weather warnings, and observed and predicted water height time series data from the Coastal Emergency Risks Assessment. WAVE also allows users access data to assist in emergencies such as locations of dockside fuel and ice, emergency mooring locations, and contact information for floodgates and drawbridges. Users can also view storm paths and high water mark data for historical hurricanes and compare this to real time weather data and current storm predictions.

Direct + Broader Impacts:
When a hurricane is in the forecast, this app will provide information to commercial fishermen to increase their storm preparedness and make plans to seek harbor of refuge.