Summer Internship

Mary Bergeron
Assistant Director

The Coastal Sustainability Studio has offered summer internship programs for motivated students in an exciting, challenging, interdisciplinary environment. Qualified candidates with an interest in landscape and data representation, public policy, planning, ecological restoration and design have worked in collaboration on a variety of projects. These ranged from visualizations, exhibit design, and design competition work, to policy initiatives and communications that address a multitude of environmental challenges facing vulnerable Gulf Coast communities.

During the internship program, students have worked directly with the CSS faculty and CSS research fellows on ongoing projects as well as group projects such as design competitions, delving into the complex issues specific to coastal Louisiana. Interns additionally have participated in weekly brown-bag lectures as well as field trips along Louisiana’s coast.

Graduate students and college seniors from a range of fields including, but not limited to, Landscape Architecture, Engineering (Civil, Environmental and Biological), Architecture, Coastal Science, Media Arts, Interior Design, Cartography, Urban Planning, Geography, Environmental Studies, History Public Policy, have taken part in these internships when available.

There are a limited number of openings for CSS 2019 summer internships. Please inquire if you are interested in more information or wish to apply for a position.